Joy, Such a simple word, Three humble letters, J, O, and Y, But, oh, such magic when united.  A life filled with joy, Joy chosen, A beacon of light Whose echoes radiate out On and on and on, Never ending, All because one person Opened her heart And dared to share her joy. 

Transformative Joy

   There is magic in joy, In the determination to embrace it no matter what comes.  The realization that  we are in control, Each decision truly ours, In how we react to life- If we choose wisely, We are forever changed.  Joy is my religion, It is transformative, Able to turn darkness to light, Weakness … More Transformative Joy

On Dharmas and Joy

        The past weeks have been packed full, and – if I’m honest- more than a little stressful. I just finished hosting my annual Clarinet Symposium (the 14th one at UAB), and after all of the work, worry and doubt, it turned out to be one of the best symposiums yet. Isn’t that usually … More On Dharmas and Joy

Dancing with Joy

Today I found myself dancing with Joy, An intricate dance, perhaps a Tango? My partner keeping excellent time with the music, Each twist and turn bringing a smile to my heart. I’ve always had two left feet, But Joy led with confidence, Pointing out all of the beauty, All of the good in our path … More Dancing with Joy

Where Joy Lives

The world seems to be in an uproar lately, more so than usual, with normally even-keeled people becoming seemingly unable to have civil discourse. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama, in the petty battles that fly all over the Internet. I am finding myself pull away more and more…life is just … More Where Joy Lives