The Twelve-ish Ornaments of Christmas: A Mother’s Gift

Our Christmas tree holds the stories of our lives in many ways, With many of the ornaments having special meaning to us. Dan suggested that I tell some stories connected to the most meaningful ornaments in the days preceding Christmas, wise and wonderfully sentimental soul that he is- a writing prompt that I gladly embraced. … More The Twelve-ish Ornaments of Christmas: A Mother’s Gift

Unpacking Memories

Our Sunday morning began peacefully as it usually does, snuggling with the animals before getting up to start this last day of the Thanksgiving break. Dan and I had a long list of things we’d hope to accomplish; mostly we were just excited to spend the day together decorating the house for Christmas. The tree … More Unpacking Memories


I thought of my mother today, her memory indelibly etched as it is into my heart and soul. I think of her every single day, but this time two sweet memories came to me. The first came as I was cutting my toenails, as glamorous as that sounds. The last few years of her life … More Remembrances

Scenes from a Life

It all began so innocently- A friend asked to see a ‘before’ picture of our house after my last post, and suddenly hours had gone by as I became lost in photo albums filled with memories of all kinds. My life passing before me in the shapes of family, beloved pets, homes, vacations- pivotal moments … More Scenes from a Life