When will the day come- not too far away- to let my hair reclaim it’s true shade? To welcome the freedom of silvery strands, proudly gray? The time to let go of unnecessary worries and embrace this precious, fleeting moment? Wisdom hard won, love hard fought. In youth we fear age, run from it, kicking … More Gray


I have written so much about my mother, always trying to portray her as the imperfect and very real woman that she was. To me, her imperfections and quirkiness were what made her special and so very strong. After all of these years, maybe I’m finally allowing myself that same understanding. I have struggled unsuccessfully … More Imperfect

The Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye my youth is gone; Instead of dewey innocence, lines of laughter, tears, and time etch my brow. Where did life go? I refuse to utter words of complaint, though; Each and every day has brought with them lessons, Wisdom gained through pain and loss…and joy. While my outer shell … More The Blink of an Eye

On Pivotal Moments

We have been talking about it for ages with urging from our accountant, but we finally went through the process of preparing our wills, power of attorney, and living wills. I felt oddly detached as we went through the process, as if I were making these decisions for a stranger. I feel relief that they … More On Pivotal Moments

On the Fabulousness of the Fifty-Something Woman

As I was waiting on a delayed flight at Tampa International and taking a break from computer work I browsed the newsfeed, seeing an article about prize-winning French author, Yann Moix, declaring that he was incapable of loving a woman in her fifties, that they were “invisible” to him. By the way- Yann is fifty. … More On the Fabulousness of the Fifty-Something Woman