On Mother’s Day

I was using an app on my phone as a metronome in a lesson in my home studio yesterday when a message popped up from my cousin, telling me that our last living aunt, Aunt Lila, had passed away. She was the wife of Mom’s brother, Ernest; a strong woman with a wonderful laugh. My … More On Mother’s Day

Four Mother’s Days

I remember in the days and weeks after my mother died being acutely aware of every marker of time of her passing…She’s been gone three days…She’s been gone a month now…I couldn’t imagine how the heart wrenching pain would ever subside, how I would truly be able to breathe again without feeling that part of … More Four Mother’s Days

Missing Heavy D

Wacky and goofy And full of great love, My mother’s not here, She resides far above.  In Heaven she reigns With milkshakes and pies,  Her stories and laughter And twinkling blue eyes.  On this day of tribute  For mothers held dear, I send up my thanks, Feeling Heavy D near.