On Mother’s Day

I was using an app on my phone as a metronome in a lesson in my home studio yesterday when a message popped up from my cousin, telling me that our last living aunt, Aunt Lila, had passed away. She was the wife of Mom’s brother, Ernest; a strong woman with a wonderful laugh. My … More On Mother’s Day

Time Pieces

I know that I’m not alone when I say that I am emotionally exhausted- who isn’t right now? Life is so different; everything has been tinged with madness, everything seems foreign, somehow indelibly altered from all we’ve been through. It is in chaos that I look for time pieces; moments of time filled with memory … More Time Pieces

Sequestered Thoughts

I feel battle weary, but the battle is only beginning, leaving my heart heavy in my chest. There is so much sadness and worry swirling everywhere, and today it won. I have felt blue, my thoughts sequestered, retreating into myself so much so that it was difficult to communicate even with my sweet Dan. I … More Sequestered Thoughts

The Ties that Bind

I woke up very early worrying about Dan. I hadn’t heard anything from him since late yesterday afternoon, and I knew he was going to be suffering all night with the NasoGastro procedure. If the Coronavirus is not bad enough, he is still dealing with complications from his appendectomy. Two ER trips and two hospital … More The Ties that Bind

I Wonder

I wonder what my mother would have thought of these strange days. A gentle Southern woman with a backbone of steel who lived through the Great Depression and WW II, along with facing countless other challenges and hardships over her ninety-two years. Would she have been moved to panic or remained calm in the storm? … More I Wonder