In the New Year

In the New Year, I wish you joy and peace, good health and grace. I wish you the strength to turn away from fear and embrace love with open arms. We’ve come through a battle, one not yet ending, but light shines on the horizon. There is an electricity in the air that sparks a … More In the New Year

Seeing 20/20 in 2020

Dan and I rang in the new year in our favorite way- in the peace of our home with the animals, a healthy dinner, a yummy cocktail, and to bed early. The perfect introvert celebration, filled with meaningful reflection about the year and decade past and hopeful dreams for our future. There has been so … More Seeing 20/20 in 2020

Great Expectations

   Just a turn of the calendar- nothing has changed, but everything has changed. A fresh start, another chance to get things right, To grow, to change, to live. Let’s reimagine things, expect the best to happen. Just a little tweak in our thinking, A little courage, A little faith, And everything shifts. Great expectations … More Great Expectations


I woke in the middle of the night, panting, my heart pounding.  I had had a vivid nightmare that seemed so very real, too real. A thread running throughout was that someone was trying to kill me, a common theme in my dreams lately. At the end of the nightmare, Dan had picked me up … More Revelations

In Anticipation

In anticipation Of great things to come, Of friendship and love, Of joys, sorrows, Laughter and tears, In anticipation   Of growth and change, Of life fully embraced, I wish you every good thing in the New Year.  Blossom and bloom, my friends!