Mountain Medicine

Miraculously, Dan and I were able to grab a very short trip to our favorite place in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina in Bryson City, literally at the last second as the new semester begins. We’ve not been able to make our annual anniversary trip thanks to the pandemic, but no matter- we … More Mountain Medicine

Troubled Waters

It feels like we are living in some strange and nightmarish dream filled with dangerous and troubled waters from which we just can’t escape. I try my best to stay positive and put one foot in front of the other every day, but in all honesty it is getting more and more difficult not to … More Troubled Waters

On the Take Home

   As I sit here looking out at the mountains on our last morning at the Grove Park Inn, I am thinking about what my ‘take home’ is for this North Carolina adventure. We always enjoy our travels, but something was extra special about this particular trip. Maybe it’s that we both needed this time … More On the Take Home