Run to me

During the holidays nostalgia got the best of me, and I spent some time rooting around in Mom’s mahogany chest of drawers. I found a stack of old photos and sat down to look through them, thinking back to holidays during my childhood where my brothers and sisters would visit, and inevitably, the large cookie … More Run to me

A Grateful Heart

The table is set, Replete with fine China and family silverware,  Dogs snoring underneath, Ever optimistic for morsels to fall.  The house rich with the aroma of turkey and full of memories. Ghosts sit around the mahogany table, I see them in each chair, Feel their arms embrace us, See their knowing smiles, The echoes … More A Grateful Heart

On Going Back

   My heart began to pound as I turned onto the familiar street, Westwood Lane. I knew before I left Tampa that I had to make the pilgrimage to see the house I grew up in, my mother’s house. So many happy memories filled my mind, along with the sadness that came with visiting this … More On Going Back

The Stocking

   It hung on the mantle over the ancient hissing gas stove, its once limp form now oddly mishapen from the bounty stuffed  within. I knew without a doubt what some of the contents would be, the very same every year…an apple, an orange, an English walnut, and York Peppermint Patties. These treasures would be … More The Stocking