Sacred Heart

Who among us has the raw courage to reveal our true self, the one buried deep within our most sacred heart? We are such complicated, nuanced beings, so many layers, chameleons, becoming any shade of what we need to be in the moment; no intention of insincerity, only a basic survival skill learned before time … More Sacred Heart

A Sea of Emotion

Sometimes emotions well up, so fierce and unforgiving, completely overwhelming, a barrage of feelings that I can no longer absorb but I have no choice. Like trying to read a book in a language I don’t understand, the translation is lost and I don’t even know myself anymore. I stumble down dark and winding hallways … More A Sea of Emotion


I have been searching for a beacon, some sign that will guide us through this madness into some sort of peace, restless though that peace might be. Maybe it doesn’t exist, perhaps my heart only wishes that it did and I am living in denial. Perhaps instead the world will be devoured by its corruptness … More Beacon

Stand Out

For so long I thought that being different was something to hide. I learned to blend in, no matter what it cost me. Blending in was safe, no pressure to pretend to be anything special. But… blending in is inauthentic and the older I become the more I want to be authentically me. So now … More Stand Out

To Heal an Old Wound

To heal an old wound, one yet raw and painful to the touch even after all this time, even though a veneer made it appear sewn it together tightly- or so you thought. Perhaps never allowed the time to knit its edges back together with strong enough intentions all the while continually poking at it … More To Heal an Old Wound


There are times when my heart feels filled with shards of glass, glistening and beautiful, but painful to embrace. Sometimes it is too much to take in; the worry, the pain, the heavy responsibility. My brain freezes, numbing the pain, allowing my heart time to just be. Memories of what was and dreams- or perhaps … More Shards

Dueling Hearts

Sometimes I feel I have dueling hearts; One is wise and bows to every blessing, steeped in light and hope and joy. The other lives in shadows and memories, nostalgia for what could have been, worries for what might be. Each heart serves a purpose; one to remind me to honor the past, hold onto … More Dueling Hearts