Early each morning before I rise from bed, a snoring Marley curled up next to me, I religiously post three memes, perhaps with nauseating regularity for the people who are subjected to my typically happy-fied Facebook page. My nickname isn’t Poppins for nothing…Two of the memes are meant to encourage or inspire, the third is … More Memes-n-Marley-n-Me

Bubbling Over

I have reached the all-too-familiar place of emotional overwhelm here at the close of this very strange school year. I know the signs well; I feel frozen, even small, normally mundane tasks seem monumental, leaving me feeling like a deflated beach ball. My mind is scattered and it is extremely difficult to concentrate, only making … More Bubbling Over


After these strange months of endless uncertainty, I find myself feeling changed. I am here, but not completely, more a shadow of myself than fully flesh and blood. Diaphanous, translucent, acting by habit and instinct. Gone are my anchors, so many that I held dear, my understanding of life and the world. In their place, … More Shadows

Eyes Full of Stars

I look out at the world through eyes full of stars, seeking the good and the beautiful. I am not blind; I see the pain, the fear, and the anger; hearts frozen, minds closed, for the world forever tilts in a balancing act of light and dark. I get to choose, though; fall into darkness … More Eyes Full of Stars

In the New Year

In the New Year, I wish you joy and peace, good health and grace. I wish you the strength to turn away from fear and embrace love with open arms. We’ve come through a battle, one not yet ending, but light shines on the horizon. There is an electricity in the air that sparks a … More In the New Year

On Holiday Wrapping

I find that I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around Christmas this year. Though I’ve had bursts of holiday spirit, Covid has colored everything with a heavy blanket of worry, isolation, and profound loss. Our home is decorated, music is playing; all of the trappings are here, but there is a hollowness, a … More On Holiday Wrapping