Dreams in Pieces

I am still in a strange place as I try to process what is happening to Dan since his early stage Alzheimer’s diagnosis. He begins the clinical trial at UAB soon after one more test. He is in good spirits most of the time about it all- but that’s my Dan; always doing his best … More Dreams in Pieces

To Heal an Old Wound

To heal an old wound, one yet raw and painful to the touch even after all this time, even though a veneer made it appear sewn it together tightly- or so you thought. Perhaps never allowed the time to knit its edges back together with strong enough intentions all the while continually poking at it … More To Heal an Old Wound


Early each morning before I rise from bed, a snoring Marley curled up next to me, I religiously post three memes, perhaps with nauseating regularity for the people who are subjected to my typically happy-fied Facebook page. My nickname isn’t Poppins for nothing…Two of the memes are meant to encourage or inspire, the third is … More Memes-n-Marley-n-Me

Bubbling Over

I have reached the all-too-familiar place of emotional overwhelm here at the close of this very strange school year. I know the signs well; I feel frozen, even small, normally mundane tasks seem monumental, leaving me feeling like a deflated beach ball. My mind is scattered and it is extremely difficult to concentrate, only making … More Bubbling Over


After these strange months of endless uncertainty, I find myself feeling changed. I am here, but not completely, more a shadow of myself than fully flesh and blood. Diaphanous, translucent, acting by habit and instinct. Gone are my anchors, so many that I held dear, my understanding of life and the world. In their place, … More Shadows