Sequestered Thoughts

I feel battle weary, but the battle is only beginning, leaving my heart heavy in my chest. There is so much sadness and worry swirling everywhere, and today it won. I have felt blue, my thoughts sequestered, retreating into myself so much so that it was difficult to communicate even with my sweet Dan. I … More Sequestered Thoughts

Things Worth Having

The Mayor of Birmingham has declared a State of Emergency for our city, and so we are on a curfew from 7pm until 6am until further notice. I am okay with this; after the destruction caused by last night’s protests, I would rather have some restrictions in place if they can help maintain safety for … More Things Worth Having

And What Now?

I have been trying to come up with words for days, but nothing but a jumble of emotion comes to the surface. I’ve read articles trying to understand and empathize with something that I can’t possibly truly understand. I see our country splitting apart, rage and frustration at racial inequities boiling over, a deadly cocktail … More And What Now?

What Can I Do?

I am fortunate to work at one of the most diverse universities in the country. I have black students, white students, Latino students, Asian students, gay students, straight students, Christian students, Muslim students…the whole spectrum- each of them precious to me, perfect just as they are. Working in music as I do, it has always … More What Can I Do?