On Ageless Love

As I walked down the ramp to board the plane bound for Nebraska Thursday morning, I walked behind an elderly couple tightly holding hands and smiling at each other. The man wore hearing aids, and both of their gates were a little unsteady on the bouncy ramp. However, it was obvious that they were holding … More On Ageless Love

I Wonder

I wonder what I look like through your eyes; Do you see past the veneer to the woman within? Through wrinkles and lines that are a manifesto of trials met, mostly with my head held high? The humor that is my coat of armor, my saving grace when things have gone south. The slight stutter … More I Wonder

At the Intersection of Here and Now: A Little Tale of ‘Chance’ and Romance

Dan proposed to me on our waterfall in North Carolina, but gave me an engagement ring soon after while we were on a trip to Jamaica. I loved the tanzanite stone surrounded by diamonds- something different for a second marriage. Over the past thirteen years I made the mistake of wearing the ring to do … More At the Intersection of Here and Now: A Little Tale of ‘Chance’ and Romance

Upon Which Mrs. MacKenzie Contemplates Violence 

It is Friday.  It’s been Friday for me since 4:30 this morning, a day packed with kickboxing and laundry,  tons of teaching, dashing home to make lunch for my recuperating husband (shoulder replacement surgery a week and a half ago), dashing to the post office and bank, frantically preparing to be out of the office … More Upon Which Mrs. MacKenzie Contemplates Violence