An Ode to my Sister

My sister took care of me while my mother struggled with a divorce that should never have been. She fixed my hair, dressed me, loved me when my mother was in a far-off land mentally, dealing with details that no teenager should have to face. She has lived her life with grace, making the best … More An Ode to my Sister

Our Mothers’ Eyes

   Today was very special. Aside from being the last day of our Florida recital tour, it was also the day I got to see my step-sister, Leanne, for the first time in twenty-one years- since our father’s funeral. Leanne came to our final recital at the University of Tampa, and it was quite an … More Our Mothers’ Eyes


Sisters This photo does a perfect job of reflecting the differences between my sister and me. It is from a visit to see Mom in Florida, first thing in the morning, me with no make-up , in jammies, holding my sweet mutt of a dog. My sister, in high contrast, carefully dressed, hair and make-up … More Sisters