Spring Forward

I didn’t realize how much I needed spring to come after this long year of Covid where days and months passed in a blue light blur of Zoom teaching and meetings. The bleakness of winter only added to the feelings of isolation and sadness for the loss of so much life- and way of life. … More Spring Forward

The Birds Still Sing

As I walked my dog this February-almost-March morning, the birds were singing in riotous joy. Flowers poked cautious heads up toward the blue sky, trees breaking out with tiny green buds of promise, the slumbering world seeming to sigh in anticipation of the change to come. As this long winter and endless months of uncertainty … More The Birds Still Sing

On Ageless Love

As I walked down the ramp to board the plane bound for Nebraska Thursday morning, I walked behind an elderly couple tightly holding hands and smiling at each other. The man wore hearing aids, and both of their gates were a little unsteady on the bouncy ramp. However, it was obvious that they were holding … More On Ageless Love

Animal Ghosts

I was enjoying working in my Secret Garden this afternoon when I turned to look back at the driveway. For a moment I expected to see Coops and Sophie sitting together there in the shade as I worked, Kasey flitting through the irises as I pulled weeds. They are all gone now, though, all taken … More Animal Ghosts