The COVID Chronicles: Delayed Reunions and Rays of Light

Yesterday morning I realized that I had been a day off in calculating Dan’s bedroom quarantine- it was time to set him free! We’d decided when he came home from the hospital to go above and beyond the hospital’s recommendations and set a six day quarantine, wanting to make sure that the animals and I … More The COVID Chronicles: Delayed Reunions and Rays of Light

Less is More

I woke up in a panic very early this morning, fresh from a spate of horrible nightmares. My dreams were filled with loss, feelings of heart wrenching grief over losing several people very dear to me, both past and present. It still feels so real that I can’t even type their names. It had to … More Less is More


I have written so much about my mother, always trying to portray her as the imperfect and very real woman that she was. To me, her imperfections and quirkiness were what made her special and so very strong. After all of these years, maybe I’m finally allowing myself that same understanding. I have struggled unsuccessfully … More Imperfect

Mind Over Matter

I woke up very early this chilly morning hearing a bird sing in the stillness. It was dark and peaceful and the hum of the heating system, the warmth of the heated bed, and the weight of Shiva sleeping on my chest made it difficult to climb out of bed, so I lingered just a … More Mind Over Matter