The Scorched Earth

As I look out at the scorched earth of a Southern summer, Somnolent bees nuzzling thirsty petals in the lazy breeze, I wipe the sweat from my brow, grateful for this season of life. I am in my own summer, youth no longer at my beck and call. I feel the whispers of fall, the … More The Scorched Earth

A Southern Walk

The air is so thick and heavy, I feel like I could wring it out with my hands or drape it around me like some heavy woolen shawl. Another Alabama summer is here, hot and humid as they come. I walked underneath the canopy of Magnolias and Mimosas as the birds sang, grateful for a brief respite … More A Southern Walk

The Color of Summer

The color of summer, Verdant, Rich with a palate both soft and vivid.  A languidness fills my bones, Time seems suspended As gentle breezes caress my check.  Memories of summers long past, Of carefree youth, Of days when summer had no end.  I remember, I smile, And let the warm wind caress me yet again.