The Gratitude Walk

It is a tradition of mine to take a ‘gratitude walk’ around the neighborhood on Thanksgiving morning with the dogs. As I walk, I do my best to really notice things; the sky, a beautiful tree, a smiling neighbor…and when I do, I send up a prayer of thanks for the gift of that beauty. … More The Gratitude Walk

A Grateful Heart

The table is set, Replete with fine China and family silverware,  Dogs snoring underneath, Ever optimistic for morsels to fall.  The house rich with the aroma of turkey and full of memories. Ghosts sit around the mahogany table, I see them in each chair, Feel their arms embrace us, See their knowing smiles, The echoes … More A Grateful Heart

In Gratitude

In this season of gratitude, I’m taking a special moment to reflect on my many blessings. It’s been easy to get distracted from them in what seems like a world gone mad lately. Easy to forget so much good when we watch too much news. Gratitude is my anchor in this stormy sea, reminding me … More In Gratitude

To the Year

    To the year that the turkey caught fire, And I stuffed the wrong end, The year the bread didn’t rise, The year that our family was able to gather, both moms at our table, The year that things were tough, And the year that things were perfect, The year that love came…and stayed.  For … More To the Year

My Grateful Things

   (In my best Julie Andrews….ahem…) Turkey and stuffing and gravy on ‘taters, Laughter and stories and fried green tomaters, Chez Gainey and Dan, oh, the joy that he brings, These are a few of my favorite things.  Cooper and Sophie and Kasey, my fur butts, Backun clarinets and a view that brings chill bumps, … More My Grateful Things