Mountain Medicine

Miraculously, Dan and I were able to grab a very short trip to our favorite place in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina in Bryson City, literally at the last second as the new semester begins. We’ve not been able to make our annual anniversary trip thanks to the pandemic, but no matter- we … More Mountain Medicine

On Appropriate F*#ks

I was on a dark airplane, finally taxiing toward takeoff and Birmingham after nine hours of a layover in Detroit that wasn’t supposed to be. In a perfect world, I was scheduled to be home by 3:10pm, in plenty of time to walk Marley and settle into being back home with Dan. In my not-so-perfect … More On Appropriate F*#ks

Troubled Waters

It feels like we are living in some strange and nightmarish dream filled with dangerous and troubled waters from which we just can’t escape. I try my best to stay positive and put one foot in front of the other every day, but in all honesty it is getting more and more difficult not to … More Troubled Waters

Shifting Sands

Typically, when we are at the beach it is a huge time of creative bursts for me. I get up before dawn and listen to the waves crashing and write poetry and blog posts, feeling overwhelmingly inspired, feeling the undeniable drive to write and share my thoughts. I had hoped this trip to the Emerald … More Shifting Sands

The Great Escape

We ran away from home today, but not in a dramatic sort of bad way. 2020 has not been a kind year to any of us, and we decided that we needed a change of scenery for a few days to celebrate Dan surviving his awful stay in UAB’s COVID Ward. I thought that I … More The Great Escape

Travels with Marley

I really believe that dogs come into our lives and define chapters for us. Guinness, my soul dog, was with me for fifteen years through my first marriage and move to a new life alone in Birmingham. Bailey protected me in my first year in Birmingham (only by looks and a great bark- he was … More Travels with Marley