The Vault

In the vault that is my heart there is only you. Each chamber imbued with your essence, each beat an echo of your love. Time and space matter not, for you are always with me, always a precious part of me. Your kind gestures and quiet devotion sustain me, Your soulful brown eyes consume me. … More The Vault

Love Came Calling

On this Valentine’s Day and every day,  I am so grateful that I opened my heart When love came calling.  Since that first blush of butterflies and goosebumps, That first moment when my soul and yours recognized each other and smiled, My life was forever changed.  In place of sadness there has been joy and laughter, … More Love Came Calling

You Are a Man

   You are a man who helped me to find love again in days past when I thought it was no longer mine to find.  You are a man who makes me laugh until I cry, and cries with me in moments of sorrow.  You are a man who inspires me, teaches me, and who … More You Are a Man