I have written so much about my mother, always trying to portray her as the imperfect and very real woman that she was. To me, her imperfections and quirkiness were what made her special and so very strong. After all of these years, maybe I’m finally allowing myself that same understanding. I have struggled unsuccessfully … More Imperfect

On Pivotal Moments

We have been talking about it for ages with urging from our accountant, but we finally went through the process of preparing our wills, power of attorney, and living wills. I felt oddly detached as we went through the process, as if I were making these decisions for a stranger. I feel relief that they … More On Pivotal Moments

On Little Mercies

Sleeping in… Our Sunday began slowly, peacefully. Usually we are up at the crack of dawn, but Dan didn’t sleep well and I delighted in lingering in bed and cuddling with the animals as he got a few extra Z’s. Sleep has been a challenge for me of late, my mind a constant hamster on … More On Little Mercies

On the Fabulousness of the Fifty-Something Woman

As I was waiting on a delayed flight at Tampa International and taking a break from computer work I browsed the newsfeed, seeing an article about prize-winning French author, Yann Moix, declaring that he was incapable of loving a woman in her fifties, that they were “invisible” to him. By the way- Yann is fifty. … More On the Fabulousness of the Fifty-Something Woman

The Other Shoe

Fading beauty… At fifty-five, this has been the best year of my career ever; my book was released in January, I took on the role of Associate Chair of our Department, I was elected President-Elect of my international professional organization, I traveled to and performed in Belgium and Canada, judged an international competition in Italy, … More The Other Shoe


‘Neath the facade of this successful, together woman is a crumbling interior; a tower of doubt and insecurities that so few really know. She smiles brightly into the face of life, juggling each responsibility with such grace- at least as far as you can see. Behind the scenes, the balls drop in a mad array … More Facade