Letting Go

It seems sometimes that I spend my whole life trying to let go;

Let go of fear;

Let go of the past;

Let go of worry. 

Maybe today I won’t let go. 

Maybe today I will keep those pieces inside of me- even the broken ones. They are part of who I am, warts and all. A part of being human. 

Maybe today I will accept the flaws, knowing that even beautiful flowers grow best with fertilizer. A bit of not-so-pleasant stuff  in their foundation to help them burst into effulgence. 

I like the idea….the things we shy away from, the things we try to beat down, all there to strengthen us, teach us, make us grow and blossom, make us better. 

All of the puzzle pieces coming together once we take a good hard look into our hearts, not to find the bad lurking inside of us, but seeing that every part of us is good in some way. The dark and the light. Our true, authentic selves. 

 Beauty is everywhere within us…even in the shadows. 


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