On Moments of Beauty

Yesterday was Dan’s only day off from the theater the whole week (other than teaching his early yoga class, but he doesn’t consider that work). We decided to make the most of the day, taking time off from our usual work on the house and yard and (my) work on the book for a bit. We took off to the country to play some pool volleyball with friends who have a pool just for that purpose. It felt so good to be carefree for a while, splashing in the water and sun. We acted like kids again- something that we both feel is important to reconnect with on a regular basis. 

Afterwards, we came home to spend a quiet evening grilling and enjoying the peace of our home. A storm was rumbling in the distance, and we watched the streaks of lightning flash across the city and the trees dancing in the wind. We love watching storms from the safety of our Sunporch, surrounded by nature but protected from the elements, the dogs at our feet. 

As we sipped one of Dan’s special Italian Margaritas, we talked and dreamed, always coming back to our gratitude for our lives together and our home. It’s not just the physical building, but rather the sense of peace and joy that pervades this funky old house on the hill that he dubbed Chez Gainey thirteen years ago. It holds our hopes and dreams, providing an oasis in what can be a scary and stress-filled world. Dan calls it “the home that love built’…I agree. 

When we were sure the storm had moved away, we went outside to prepare dinner. As Dan was grilling delicious salmon and corn on the cob, I looked over and noticed our cat, Kasey, peering at me through the jade plant. She is recovering from a respiratory infection, and I was grateful to see her acting like her old, sweet self, joining us for this family time on the decks. I love coming upon these moments of beauty. 

A simple and delicious dinner outside…

I am working to do a better job of noticing and being in the moment at times like these, and also realizing that we can create moments of beauty at any time. It doesn’t have to be a rare day off, or a special trip, or a day with perfect weather.  It has nothing to do with where we live, what things we own, what we do for a living. I really think that those moments of beauty can be ours whenever we open our hearts to them with gratitude- we have the ability to make them happen at any time. It is then that we are rich beyond compare and our eyes are truly open to see and appreciate the gifts that are ours. Perhaps the ability to recognize those gifts, no matter how humble- is the greatest gift of all. 

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