Mr. MacKenzie Gets Bionic Man Status

Sunday night….
The girls and I have been banished to the guest room tonight in preparation for Dan’s shoulder replacement surgery in the morning. The hospital had us watch a video about surgery prep, and he was instructed to sleep on clean sheets with no animals. I de-biohazarded our bedroom from stem to stern and then closed the door to prevent Sophie from going in and jumping up on what she considers her bed. The idea that any part of our house could be dog hair free for any length of time is laughable with our two hairy black beasts. I did my best, though, Dan, so if you catch some horrible skin-eating disease, it was totally not the dog hair. I swear. 

Outside UAB Highlands…

Dan has been a hurting unit for quite a while. If you know us at all, you know we have a proclivity for…well, things…to happen to us. So much so that there is a Gainey Wing at the UAB Highlands ER. Okay, not really, but there seriously should be. Dan has been in for a knee scope, I’ve been in for broken ankle repair and then screw and plate removal, as well as an open distal clavicle excision. That doesn’t count the ER visits with Mom, and for our own accidents that have happened bike riding or doing chores around the house and yard. And Dan still has to have a knee replacement in the coming months. We Gaineys love life and live hard. Sometimes too hard. 

Monday morning…

So now I wait for my sweet husband to come out of 2 hours of surgery. I am very much an empath, and while I know it sounds crazy, I physically hurt when Dan is hurting. I would always rather it be me going through the bad stuff. I also admire the heck out of him. He has worked his tail off for months with barely a day off, all while dealing with severe pain in his shoulder, his knee, and his neck. And still, he smiles, he jokes with people, doing his best to put others at ease. When we checked in this morning, he told the delighted ladies that he wanted the best room the UAB Hilton offered, and expected a bottle of champagne waiting for him. They loved it and played right along. In the surgery prep room, he joked with each of the nurses, telling them he was ready to “get this party started!” He is a wonderful balance to his worry wart wife. 

I just spoke with our wonderful orthopedic surgeon. Dan came through the surgery with flying colors and is in recovery. Six weeks of healing, and then he will be well on his way to returning to full-fledged Mr. MacKenzie* status. But this time- he’ll be bionic. Just wait until he gets the new knee- there will be no stopping him. The projects will be flying at Chez Gainey…and my sweet man will be happy as a clam. 

*Mr. MacKenzie is Dan’s hard-working house project-doing alter ego. Mrs. MacKenzie cleans up after his projects. :))

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