The Shiva Chronicles: Madness and Redemption…Sort Of

The look of….love?

The welcome shift to fall-like weather last night brought with it blowing trees and a certain feel of anticipation in the air. Shiva was feeling it clearly; as we sat down to Dan’s wonderful chicken stew for dinner, we heard the thundering of eight pounds of terror before we saw the flash of fur streak down the stairs and onto the couch, eyes wild and tail twitching, then blasting off again for another round of fire and fury.

On the move!

She literally bounced off of walls as she tore around the house, up into window sills, up and down the stairs, racing behind Dan on the back of the couch, attempting to mount the bannister. I started to feel the prickle of fear up my spine…was this it? Was this the time our Tortie had finally snapped, gone bonkers, totally unhinged? Would the Gaineys survive?

We band together for safety…

Sophie glued herself to my side, her sweet and soulful eyes filled with a knowing dread. This wasn’t her first rodeo with our cray-cray cat. She has been a saint, not making eye contact with Shiva, letting Shiva sniff her in feline fascination. Dan swears Shiva has a crush on Soph, but I’m not so sure.

Dan, living on the edge…

When it came time to send Sophie upstairs to bed (her favorite thing other than going for a walk), Shiva, a self-appointed Hall Patrol, chased her up to the landing, batted her on the backside, and then stationed herself on guard by the bed once Sophie had settled in. We were in for a long night.

Upon which Dan takes his life into his own hands…

It is finished…

Finally, finally, the madness seemed to wane, and Shiva, our very own Tasmanian Devil, had worn herself out. We said a prayer of thanksgiving and quietly headed upstairs to huddle with Sophie in bed, hoping to survive the night. I still think Shiva has plans to kill Sophie and me so that she can have Dan all to herself. Seriously.

All that being said, Shiva has a sweet side- I see her interact with Dan and I smile, knowing there is progress happening. And, hey- she loves me, too, for about thirty seconds at 3:30am. I’ll take it. However, if the worst happens, tell my story.

4 thoughts on “The Shiva Chronicles: Madness and Redemption…Sort Of

  1. I love to read the “Shiva Chronicles”! 😃🐱
    I can just picture her racing around your home, one minute, than sleeping so peacefully, the next………

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