On Date Nights and Storms

I have been awake for hours, watching an amazing storm through the French doors and windows of our guesthouse. Quite a show of lightning and thunder, the trees swaying and dancing in the strong winds. It has made it impossible for me to sleep, though Dan and the pups are doing a good job of it. I love storms like this, especially when I am in the safe and cozy cocoon of our home. High up in the guesthouse, the storm seems even more dramatic, almost like we are sleeping out in the chaos. 

We stay up in the guesthouse sometimes just to make a night seem extra special. I always like when we have a little ‘staycation’; the views of the city are breathtaking at night, and the big King-sized bed is roomy and comfortable for us and the dogs- everyone can spread out. Sadly, this bed wouldn’t fit into the nook of the master bedroom of our funky old house. That’s okay, though, as how fun it is to feel like we are getting away by just walking up the stairs to the top deck. A whole different world being able to see the lights of the city from our bed. 

This was one of the very few days that Dan didn’t have to work (other than teaching his early morning yoga class, but that’s not work to him). We decided to be productive, running errands, bathing the dogs, and cleaning the house…ending with some time on the decks and grilling out. We enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail on the top deck with the pups, watching the storms in the distance that we knew were heading our way, the impressive vertical lightning awe-inspiring. 

After a wonderful dinner, we cleaned up, locked up the house, and headed up to the guesthouse, just as the storm was beginning to hit. A magical evening, filled with good conversation and laughter…and a much-needed time to relax and connect. Dan is back at it today, working long hours at the theater. I will go in to school to finish up some projects, as classes begin at UAB tomorrow in what will be a very busy but exciting semester. This summer has been filled with work for both of us, and it really seems like we are starting the new school year with our batteries a bit drained- especially Dan. That’s just life- a life we both love- but it means that we need to be proactive about making time to rest, relax, and recreate like we did today. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy- just enjoying being together at home does the trick.  How grateful I am to live in a home that is such a place of peace and joy. A touchstone for both of us.  It was not that way for either of us in our past relationships, and so it is something we appreciate and cherish even more than we might have. Home is much more than a physical place; it is the sense of peace and security that can only come through the development of trust, compassion, and love. We have worked hard to build that here…but it has never felt like work. 

Here’s to life, to love, to making special occasions out of ordinary days. Each day truly is what we choose to make of it. For us, the storm has passed, and it looks like there is a busy but beautiful day ahead. I’m ready. 


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