Top Ten Gifts of Christmas Vacation 

Here are my top ten gifts of Christmas vacation…what are yours?

10. Sleeping past 5am (or at least trying to), and a blissfully slower pace. 

9.  Watching Christmas Vacation, How rhe Grinch Stole Christmas (original version), A Charlie Brown Christmas, and my personal favorite, The Sound of Music (multiple times, because I can :)). 

8.  Making cookies for Dan, our neighbors, and my sweet and wacky Wayward Seniors 

7. Decorating the house and turning on all of the Christmas lights every moment that we are home. 

6. Memories of Christmas past.

5. Hanging with this guy ^. 

4. Gatherings with friends (and forgetting to count calories for a while). 

3. Napping on the sun porch. 

2. Singing Christmas carols with Dan in our own silly way, lots of laughter included. 

And the top thing about Christmas vacation…

1.  Forgetting what day of the week it is and thinking only in terms of how many days/hours/minutes until the magic of Christmas morning is here. 

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