On Making Beauty Happen

This Saturday started at the crack of dawn as it usually does at Chez Gainey, even without Dan’s early morning yoga class at the YMCA. I took care of the animals and headed up to my garage gym to do kickboxing before walking Marley while Dan did his morning yoga.

Afterwards we headed out to run several errands. I have a difficult time going out right now, as seeing people be so cavalier about the virus along with often empty grocery shelves brings on panic attacks. Life at home is peaceful and normal; life anywhere else is surreal. I am doing my best to remember this era of COVID-19 will pass, but the aspect of the unknown is unsettling.

Dan (aka ‘Mr. MacKenzie’) cedar-lined and added a light to the last dark and scary closet in our one hundred-year-old home. He is amazing!
With my yard work bud, Marley.

Once we returned home and unloaded the car, Dan got to work on his house projects and I settled into an afternoon of medicinal yard work with Marley. It seems especially now that losing myself in the comforting mindlessness of weeding, pulling vines, and sweeping is good for me, body and soul. Seeing everything look so ship shape and beautiful makes my heart happy- with an added bonus that it spiffed everything up for the date night we’d planned, beginning with cocktails on the front patio.

Dinner for two…

Candles galore

In this time where everything is upside down, where fear and anger seem to be taking the wheel, we are bound and determined to create our own beauty. I refuse to let this virus steal all of the joy from our lives- it’s taken enough from us already, with Dan still suffering the after effects of his eight days in UAB’s COVID Ward. We are maintaining the rituals we’ve created over time, cooking lovely meals, lighting candles, buying fresh flowers for the table, listening to good music, having deep conversations. We are living our lives and enjoying each other’s company, no matter what the talking heads on the news say or what is happening on the other side of the gates of Chez Gainey. There are no do-overs in life, this is the time we have. I’m holding on to these moments of connection and beauty with everything I have. My lifeline in this sea of chaos.

8 thoughts on “On Making Beauty Happen

  1. Denise, this post is so lovely……
    It warms my heart to see you both looking so healthy, and happy! 😍❤
    So many prayers have been answered.
    Your home is so beautiful, and peaceful…..💒🐶🐈🍸🍸🌷🌹💑
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. I feel that weird disconnect between the peace and safety at home and the threat and cavalier recklessness of the world outside the front door.

  3. So glad to see you have been able to re-establish the serenity in Chez Gainey! My grocery is back to normal and the shelves are stocked. But there are too many stupid people who won’t wear a mask to make me comfortable going into public… I’ll stay home for a bit longer!

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