Dueling Hearts

Sometimes I feel I have dueling hearts; One is wise and bows to every blessing, steeped in light and hope and joy. The other lives in shadows and memories, nostalgia for what could have been, worries for what might be. Each heart serves a purpose; one to remind me to honor the past, hold onto … More Dueling Hearts

This Moment

I had to smile. Lying in bed with Dan last night, Marley between us gently snoring as we talked and dreamed, one of Dan’s relaxing sleep tracks playing, and the soft whir of the fan bringing in the somewhat cooler-for-Birmingham summer breezes through the open window. Ahh, and the katydids! Their full-blown serenade filling the … More This Moment


When we’re together, a sparkle of hope and possibility shimmers all around. Your inner child delights, until tears of mirth stream down my cheeks. We are masters of the little often unseen things, as we know that those little things are truly the big things in love. I think of all you do to make … More Together


I finally discovered a word that describes my feelings for you; Amaranthine (adj.) undying, immortal, eternally beautifully. How better to express all that our love means, the many ways in which you have touched my life for the better? What a gift in this harsh world to find my twin flame, the one who spoke … More Amaranthine

The Keys to Love

I listened to a news story about pianos that had historical significance being handed down through generations of families on NPR on my long walk with Marley this morning. One of the people interviewed said that while they had the inside of the piano repaired they left the outside alone, as it bore the marks … More The Keys to Love

Time Pieces

I know that I’m not alone when I say that I am emotionally exhausted- who isn’t right now? Life is so different; everything has been tinged with madness, everything seems foreign, somehow indelibly altered from all we’ve been through. It is in chaos that I look for time pieces; moments of time filled with memory … More Time Pieces

Hand in Hand

We sit side by side, hand in hand, looking out at the world from our vantage of love. Companionable silence, deep conversation, dreams of what we hope will be. We have been through such raw life, you and I, so much laughter and tears, joy and sorrow. No matter what the future brings, it will … More Hand in Hand

To Love

I will never apologize for loving too much, sometimes foolish perhaps, but it is the only way I know. My heart has paid the price for its folly, but joy has far outweighed pain, and I have no regrets. Opening my heart wide, I found another who also loved too much, a connection of souls. … More To Love