Old Things

Old things.

Dusty and creaky

Fading away







I am drawn to old things;

Old people, old animals.

Old structures.

I listen to the whispered tales they share

of a time gone by,

a connection that pulses

through my very veins.

The day will soon come

when I will be an old thing,

fierce and wrinkled and wise-

Glorious and proud in my old-ness,

anything but worthless-

And, oh,

what stories I will tell.

Heavy D several years ago with Sophie and Coops…

2 thoughts on “Old Things

  1. Seems the culture of youth has relegated “old” things to the trash heap. I refuse to stay young and yet I also refuse to be discarded… To rephrase a t-shirt that is popular right now: “They whispered to her “you cannot withstand the storm”, she whispered back, “I AM the storm”

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