There are times when my heart feels filled with shards of glass,

glistening and beautiful, but painful to embrace.

Sometimes it is too much to take in;

the worry, the pain, the heavy responsibility.

My brain freezes, numbing the pain,

allowing my heart time to just be.

Memories of what was and dreams-

or perhaps fears-

of what may be…what will be.

Am I strong enough to weather what will come my way?

I want to say yes. Yes.

I am my mother’s daughter. We are and were strong women born of strong women.

But today,

today I don’t want to be strong,

Today I want to curl up into myself for an eternity,

gently pulling out each shard of glass,

laying the pain to rest.

4 thoughts on “Shards

  1. Beautifully written. One cannot read without feeling those shards. Empathy. Sending healing thoughts and a prayer.

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