A Sea of Emotion

Sometimes emotions well up,

so fierce and unforgiving,

completely overwhelming,

a barrage of feelings that I can no longer absorb

but I have no choice.

Like trying to read a book in a language I don’t understand,

the translation is lost

and I don’t even know myself anymore.

I stumble down dark and winding hallways of memory,

jagged cobwebs of loss and regret covering me at every turn

until I can no longer see the way out.

Who am I to feel anything but joy and gratitude for all I have been given?

And yet, here I stand,

adrift, numb,

swimming in mist and shadows,

drowning in a sea of emotion.

2 thoughts on “A Sea of Emotion

  1. A beautiful poem that I can relate to. Sometimes my mind races on the hamster wheel and all seems lost. Eventually the wheel slows and I’m able to jump off – find equilibrium and learn to swim through those turbulent emotions…

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