On Escapes and Re-Framing

We are on the road, heading to the beach for a small but coveted getaway to Seacrest Beach on Florida’s beautiful ‘Emerald Coast’. I got up at 5am to kickbox and walk the dogs before heading into the office to practice a bit and teach my 8am class prior to our departure. Even after all of my preparation and OCD early packing, it still took us forever to finally have the house ready for us to leave…with both Dan and I then saying, “Oh…I just remembered…” and each hopping out of the car to go take care of one more thing before we pulled out of the garage.

However, as we made our way down the highway we both began to feel lighter, like we were leaving our worries and cares behind- even if just for a little bit. I love our life, love my career and all that goes with it. I’m grateful for my home and all of the responsibilities involved with caring for it and our animals. All that being said, my batteries are on empty, and I am deeply grateful to my sweet husband for making this escape happen.

My goal this weekend is simple; mentally re-frame the month of October. I have taken on a lot as I always do…but this month seems to have become extra full with travel, performances, and professional responsibilities. I need to practice what I preach, doing what I tell my students to do, to ‘act my way into a new way of thinking’. Instead of fearing everything that is heading my way, embrace the adventure of it all. Yes, it will be a challenge to do it all well with so many things happening almost on top of each other, but with the right mindset it can be exciting and invigorating instead of daunting.

Pre-dinner cocktails at Cafe Thirty-A…

I recognize my workaholic tendencies and that I become overwhelmed when I push myself without a real break for too long. I like to take on a lot and usually thrive with a fast-paced and very full plate. Without time to unwind and recharge periodically, however, I slowly become drained mentally and physically, and at that point I’m not much good to myself or anyone else. I don’t sleep well, I can be overly emotional, and sometimes just freeze and become ineffective, unable to function at the high level I want and need to.

But here…here in this paradise of sugary white sand, gorgeous sunsets, and the lovely music of the ocean, here with my love..here I can feel that tightness in my chest begin to slowly unfurl. Here I am already starting to see the possibilities instead of the barriers. I call that good medicine.

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