On Changin’ During Change

Dan and I were discussing our life during the pandemic over lunch today…frankly not a topic I ever thought of us having to consider in our lives, but here we all are. Everyone responds to the trauma of these strange times in their own way. For us, it’s been almost like a perpetual weekend in some ways- working around the house. We’ve both always been so tied to our daily routines, and holding onto that has given us some semblance of normalcy- at least as long as we stay at home.

Following Dan on the Vulcan Trail.
Chez Gainey…

We were a bit surprised and not a little proud when we realized all that we’ve accomplished over the past almost five months since the world came to a screeching halt. So many changes during this change-filled time. Every single day we have risen with the sun. I head out with Marley for a long walk and then I kickbox or we go for a bike ride. We’ve worked diligently in the yard, resulting in our gardens having never looked better. We’ve cleaned, culled out things we no longer needed and taken tons of items to Goodwill. We redid the guest room and mounted barn doors. I completely tore my music studio apart, painting, cleaning, reorganizing, making it a much more pleasant place for all of the online teaching and practicing I’ll be doing from home in the fall.

The music room…
Guest room re-do.

Personally, I’ve done lots of school projects, work for my professional organization, and had two CDs released. I’ve participated in virtual professional events, and my duo partner and I have begun a series of pedagogical videos. Most importantly, I’m proud that I faithfully kept up with the exercise and intermittent fasting lifestyle that I began on December 2nd, losing over forty pounds and building back my strength after a shoulder procedure and our March/April battle with Covid. I have struggled with post-Covid fatigue and depression over these last weeks, but I continue to hold onto these routines like life savers, telling myself that I don’t have to do it every day…just today. So far, so good.

One day at a time…

Outside of Chez Gainey, the world is a scary place right now and I have no idea when it will improve. Maybe this is our new normal? God, I hope not. Classes begin at UAB three weeks from tomorrow in a confusing mixture of on ground and online instruction, and I must admit that- while I am very grateful to have a job- I am very worried…it feels like we are having to put our health and perhaps our lives on the line to try and pretend like we can go back to a normal school year when things are anything but normal. I can only do my best to be careful…and pray that my fears are unfounded. The thought of bringing the virus back into our home keeps me up at night.

Shiva has no problem sleeping…

No matter what, I am grateful for the life Dan and I have been able to hold onto when everything else seems to be falling apart. I’m grateful for the quality time we’ve had together, a time of bonding even more deeply as we’ve faced this challenge together. I can’t imagine going through this without my sweet and loving man. We will continue doing what we have done over the past five months, we’ll stay hopeful, doing our utmost to change with the change in the best way that we are able.

6 thoughts on “On Changin’ During Change

  1. Being able to roll with the punches is the kind of flexibility that separates the victim from the survivor! Survival is not for the faint of heart. It looks like you’ve been courageous even when you didn’t particularly feel brave. I admire that! And bravo for keeping a routine and getting things done! (two CDs?! that is awesome!!)

  2. Good luck with everything! Sounds like you’re doing amazingly during this tough time. Hope the after-effects of Covid aren’t too bad for you both. So inspiring to see you fit in rest with your full days!

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